Perlite Products
Therm-O-Rock West expertly processes perlite to fit your specific needs. The products shown here are but a sample of diverse products we have been producing for horticultural, industrial, and building applications. Our service and product availability make us the perlite industry leader in the Western region of the United States. If you are a commercial grower, or are in the construction business, we may be of great service.
Perlite Pure Perlite for Commercial Growers PACKAGING: 2 cu ft, 3.5 cu ft, 6 cu ft, Plastic Bags This lightweight Perlite provides superb aeration and moisture retention when mixed in with other soil materials.  Perlite supports root growth and retains moisture, air, and nutrients which it releases as plants grow.  Also suitable for hydroponic greenhouses.  Can be made very low-density as required.  Easy handling, loading & unloading.
Bulk Perlite Pure Perlite for Commercial Growers PACKAGING: 43.5 cu ft and 63 cu ft Disposable Plastic Bulk bags Specially expanded perlite to condition, enhance, and mineralize the soil for commercial growers.  Guaranteed fast seed germination and fast plant growth.  Especially packed for large volume customers.  No hand loading/unloading.
Silicone Treated Loose-Fill Insulation PACKAGING: 6 cu ft Plastic Bags Especially processed to be used for masonry insulation.  Fills every vacant space within blocks, bricks, and mortar structures.  Lightweight, low thermal conductivity, and fire retardant.  Water resistant, rot resistant, and naturally repels termites.
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