Vermiculite Products Meets Safety Standards
Therm-O-Rock West understands the specific needs of various industrial users of vermiculite. Our vermiculite products are processed with your particular application in mind. Our excellent service and product packaging make us the market leader in the Southwest region.
Horticultural Vermiculite Expanded Vermiculite for Commercial Growers.  Available in coarse and fine grades. PACKAGING: 2 cu ft, 3.5 cu ft, 6 cu ft, Plastic Bags and 42 & 60 cu ft Disposable Plastic Bulk Bags. This lightweight vermiculite provides superb aeration and moisture retention when mixed in with peat, bark, or compost.  Also makes excellent fertilizer.  Vermiculite soil supports root structure and stimulates fast root growth.  Can be used by itself to aid soil-less hydroponic greenhouses. This package can be palletized for easy handling, loading & unloading. 
6 cu ft package
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